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Historic Tusa 

Tusa is a tiny medieval village rich in history and traditions located in the beautiful province of Messina. The first settlement of Tusa was founded in the 9th century and the current old town centre preserves the appearance of a typical medieval city with a classic layout made by narrow streets and charming sacred buildings.

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Tusa Marina - Casa Del Re

Castel Di Tusa's scenic beauty and landscapes are unmistakably Mediterranean. Centrally located between Palermo and Taormina and just minuets from Cefalu, Santo Stefano, Castel Buono and the marina that takes you to the Volcanic Islands.

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Taormina- Hotel Isabella

Hotel Isabella is located on the main street in the heart of Taormina with spectacular views from its rooftop where you will be enjoying your breakfast. Perched on a cliff overlooking the Ionian Sea, Taormina is known as one of the most beautiful towns in Sicily famous for their restaurants, shops, the ancient Greek theater and the beautiful Taormina Gardens.

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