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How to Book

Your personalized service starts now!

Call (860) 460-7924   

You can also email us in the contact section of our website so you can let us know the Friday you wish to arrive and how many people in your party.


Available tour dates;

New groups arrive in Palermo every Friday starting

June, September, and October of 2023. 

  • June 9th - 18th

  • June 23rd - July 2nd

  • September 1st-10th

  • September 15th-24th

  • September 29th - October 8th

  • October 13th-22nd


Tours Dates for 2024​

  • May 31st - June 9th

  • June 14th - June 23rd

  • August 30th - September 22nd

  • September 27th - October 6th 

  • October 11th - October 20th 

Ask Tony how you can organize your own group of 8 or more and you tour free!

We can customize your tour up to 14



If you are a returning client you can access your client portal the following ways

You can access your client portal through the email that was sent to you after booking. If you need to have the email resent you can click on "my account" in the "Book pay or contact here" bar, type in your email address and click resend email.  

The Client portal will allow you to review, reschedule or cancel your booking, pay any outstanding amounts and contact us. 

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