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There are currently 4 towns in Sicily -Sambuca, Salemi, Gangi (SOLD OUT) and Mussomeli - that are offering houses for 1 Euro. Because of the amount of interest in this, TOAST Sicily is offering an optional excursion on the Tuesday “free” day to give you the opportunity to visit one of the towns and learn more. Look on our Tuesday personal choice day on our itinerary page.


 Because of the amount of interest in this we are offering step by step guidance on how to buy a house in Sicily for 1 Euro. 

1. We will bring you to the towns of your choice.

2. We will set up meetings with town officials.

3. We will meet with a notary who will explain the legal process

4. We will provide an interpreter if necessary.

5. We will spend the rest of the time touring around Sicily to show you the most popular sites and experience the local culture

Marco who was born and raised in Sicily and Tony who has renovated multiple homes in Sicily will be your guides through this process. Please take this opportunity to view our website and keep in mind that we will be happy to customize the itinerary for you.

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